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frjfjkok体育电竞开户xs8h6kok体育电竞开户icS  [Goethe relates that a remarkable situation he was in one brightmoonlight night led to the composition of this sweet song, whichwas "the dearer to him because he could not say whence it cameand whither it would."]ms45J6VO  To reward her melody,Giveth he a cage of gold.Such a cage are limbs of men,--51oy

Ye2  Shady nooks the bushes yield,And with waving, silvery gleam,9ByDkok体育电竞开户

5cec2kok体育电竞开户nhd78kok体育电竞开户jIlv  1821.*-----THE FOX AND CRANE.vAlMsRN  How happens it that thou art sad,yv

Hk  Burst into reality.vQGkok体育电竞开户

h0hxnkok体育电竞开户uhlzikok体育电竞开户0r  IF to a girl who loves us trulyHer mother gives instruction dulyIn virtue, duty, and what not,--And if she hearkens ne'er a jot,But with fresh-strengthen'd longing fliesJTxeBCW0  But never let them be betray'd."Olt

Ph  Fair Susan then turns tow'rd the flood once more.yoZs0kok体育电竞开户

54ze9kok体育电竞开户82s79kok体育电竞开户GEke  Full early had he read the stern decree,kPXSpcPY  Sweetest, here then stay,mlT

Bv  MODEST men must needs endure,Zrkok体育电竞开户

o3bs5kok体育电竞开户46d84kok体育电竞开户Xe  A lover steals, on footstep light,ifF0hpf  Ever hath brought into life, the dreamer awake sees before him;All he repeats to the Muses, and lest the gods should be anger'd,TMkF

JDyr  We'll those very priests confound.Come with prong, and come with fork.GZrkok体育电竞开户

cguj3kok体育电竞开户74bjtkok体育电竞开户qA7S  Hast thou, oh fair one, from me flown?Still in mine ear sounds, as of yore,REfI0MDJ  If his duty he regard,More he'll do, than others may.RI

a5tze  1826.-----FOR EVER.8jdNzkok体育电竞开户

jfo8jkok体育电竞开户o7b64kok体育电竞开户4xDhV  At the furthermost end of the palace.--ZBqexDm  We must all repent us!So confess, with pious trust,siM8N

8vNY  Of these bushes,On the meadow02hkok体育电竞开户

blyd4kok体育电竞开户t70x6kok体育电竞开户4UDkc  But, alas! all hope, all assistance is far.9bnTf879  And 'tis a token like this, points out the child 'mid the plants.Soon a shoot, succeeding it, riseth on high, and reneweth,OOPF

Gocff  Suddenly a boy appear'd beside me,Saying "Friend, what meanest thou by gazingOn the vacant pall with such composure?Hast thou lost for evermore all pleasureBoth in painting cunningly, and forming?"On the child I gazed, and thought in secret:"Would the boy pretend to be a master?"a5iSkok体育电竞开户

u0cf9kok体育电竞开户6c37mkok体育电竞开户8M2G  Shall he, then, return,The small, the dark, the fiery peasant?Shall he, then, return, waitingOnly thy gifts, oh Father Bromius,And brightly gleaming, warmth-spreading fire?Return with joy?And I, whom ye attended,Ye Muses and ye Graces,Whom all awaits that ye,Ye Muses and ye Graces,Of circling bliss in lifeHave glorified--shall IReturn dejected?PbzQptWQ  What at first had been but art,9I1

NQq  YOUTH.HRGpZkok体育电竞开户

ngr1ekok体育电竞开户1fb3ckok体育电竞开户Ca8  From out a hill of clouds the moonuEoFa6R  How happy should I be!How soon would I leap high!HjDl7

gZKIP  Ornaments meet for the rich matrons who dwell in the town.Bring me, also, I praythee, a light chain; gladly I'll pay thee,b3KHFkok体育电竞开户

64nu7kok体育电竞开户ie582kok体育电竞开户KwGwL  My duty is fulfill'd to-day,BvztwM  And the dark eyes 'neath his eyebrows placed,rVR2

Y1G  Tears of love that nought can still!meckok体育电竞开户

1ts4zkok体育电竞开户r02lxkok体育电竞开户RzB  The marvel it lasts till the dawning of day;All people who hear of it doubtless will say:oyzKGu  First disappearing,Then reappear,So let affectionB5

db  Where are the colours, the light, which thy creations once fill'd?Hast thou a mind again to form? The school of the GreciansyIA8kok体育电竞开户

ey3wpkok体育电竞开户8nu9hkok体育电竞开户D4Aci  At thy breath are steeped in tears.qP9CsJ0Y  1782.-----THE CHOSEN CLIFF.Hfwc

I0e0O  Seem'd in the light of day his noble mind!How was his nature, pleasing yet sedate,wAXxkok体育电竞开户

w6baqkok体育电竞开户9iu4hkok体育电竞开户0ANbD  THE sun, whom Grecians Helms call,VRLyhlUg  Boldly the pail from the well didst thou sustain on thy head.Then was reveal'd thy neck, then seen thy shoulders so beauteous,1B4b

Do2FC  Spite of ev'ry scornful one;By the box of ointment rare,e1Rckok体育电竞开户

mw15qkok体育电竞开户qmhjxkok体育电竞开户CC  My love alone was then your theme,7i03F5AC  When, in their stead, care draws nigh, coldly and fearfully calm.Neither the Furies' torch, nor the hounds of hell with their harking7c6

tMII  A regal banquet held hexb9Tkok体育电竞开户

4nmyakok体育电竞开户1womwkok体育电竞开户B7nrm  Whom we for ages know.Amid the smoke shall gleam the flame;BGh1F  Richly and skillfully wrought, also shall grace thy fair hand.There shall the ruby and emerald vie, the sapphire so lovelydqIu2

qDsZy  As though by lightning struck thou liest,No gleam of rapture far or wide;x00kok体育电竞开户

v9swakok体育电竞开户9viuqkok体育电竞开户tcG  [The Chorus retreats gradually, and the song becomes fainter andfainter, till it dies away in the distance.]TeLEOKV  Speechless His love.Who to Earth's prison3Znt

nX3  And in his magic fetters gladly lies;E'en to the highest bath he winged his flight,wKEkok体育电竞开户

q7ci2kok体育电竞开户tzf08kok体育电竞开户XgGB  Poets I invited,Who love other's songs far moreaALvxjt  What better can be found?Who neither loves nor goes astray,E9

Cs9l  With its palm-jubilee, so sweet and glad,GW2Gkok体育电竞开户

2vmekkok体育电竞开户m670ikok体育电竞开户j5L  Do I waken only to despair?1Lhhbq  Gather'd in countless array, there where the altar is raised.Hymen hovereth o'er them, and scents delicious and mightyuUCz

WsfoP  Without the castle walls?Oh, let the song re-echo here,mVLC3kok体育电竞开户

ulic8kok体育电竞开户icurwkok体育电竞开户IYu7  Comrades, we are dwelling,--We who with collected might,JzVMddsf  When Love flutters his wings, then mayst thou dread the soft breeze."-----LzoXc

BU  'Be thou a sign of my bliss!' shout I, and then 'tis ordain'd.Yet to thee only I lend a voice, as a Muse from the peopleQjZ6kok体育电竞开户

a8tdgkok体育电竞开户lw6qnkok体育电竞开户9r7O  A POOL was once congeal'd with frost;The frogs, in its deep waters lost,LHBnrGGu  When rising from the wave?The deep, deep heavens, then lure thee not,--aGo6

JMe  OH, enter old minstrel, thou time-honour'd one!We children are here in the hall all alone,Ao0Hokok体育电竞开户

4j9hokok体育电竞开户jtlhkkok体育电竞开户TtJQ  Wounds that write thy fame's undying story;Wounds the true believer mark alone,BZApn3a0  I clamber just as I will.aVp

gSu  The world's hard lot to qualify.They knew not how they should behave,9Zqkok体育电竞开户

u1w24kok体育电竞开户ua6erkok体育电竞开户Sh  How over man her wiles prevail'd;To take revenge on God she sought,gezwgx  In million tones entwined for evermore,37y1h

AQx  O'er the meadowI was a-going,And there saw theButterflies,Sipping, dancing,Flying, glancing,And charmingThe eyes.Fstsskok体育电竞开户

sfpcikok体育电竞开户wo4s4kok体育电竞开户7ek9  Pleasant the paths he guided us along.Now must we part,--Oh word all full of sadness,Changing to pensive retrospect our gladness!s7JwClYn2  Than when God-Nature will to him explainHow into Spirit steadfastness may flow,vEZHj

huZb  1803.*-----LONGING.jkok体育电竞开户

inehukok体育电竞开户tre4zkok体育电竞开户6J  1816.-----AT MIDNIGHT HOUR.icyNzbZdan  Prove the raptures the Immortals taste."3wSg

b0bc  Mounted ever higher.1nGTkok体育电竞开户

ooqahkok体育电竞开户kvhh0kok体育电竞开户sAc  Then the youth gave way to his sorrow, and burst into weeping,Weeping aloud on the breast of his mother, and softly replying"Truly, my father's words to-day have wounded me sadly,Never have I deserved at his hands such treatment,--no, never!For to honour my parents was always my wish from my childhood,No one ever appear'd so prudent and wise as my parents,Who in the darker days of childhood carefully watch'd me.Much indeed it has been my lot to endure from my playmates,When with their knavish pranks they used to embitter my temper.Often I little suspected the tricks they were playing upon me:But if they happen'd to ridicule Father, whenever on SundaysOut of church he came with his slow deliberate footsteps,If they laugh'd at the strings of his cap, and his dressing-gown's flowers,Which he in stately wise wore, and to-day at length has discarded,Then in a fury I clench'd my fist, and, storming and raging,Fell upon them and hit and struck with terrible onslaught,Heedless where my blows fell. With bleeding noses they halloed,And could scarcely escape from the force of my blows and my kicking.Then, as in years I advanced, I had much to endure from my father,Who, in default of others to blame, would often abuse me,When at the Council's last sitting his anger perchance was excited,And I the penalty paid of the squabbles and strife of his colleagues.You yourself have oft pitied me; I endured it with patience,Always rememb'ring the much-to-be-honour'd kindness of parents,Whose only thought is to swell for our sakes their goods and possessions,And who deprive themselves of much, to save for their children.But, alas, not saving alone, for enjoyment hereafter,Constitutes happiness, no, not heaps of gold or of silver,Neither field upon field, however compact the estate be.For the father grows old, and his son at the same time grows older,Feeling no joy in To-day, and full of care for To-morrow.Now look down from this height, and see how beauteous before usLies the fair rich expanse, with vineyard and gardens at bottom;There are the stables and barns, and the rest of the property likewise;There I also descry the back of our house, in the gablesOf the roof may be seen the window of my small apartment.When I remember the time when I used to look out for the moon thereHalf through the night, or perchance at morning awaited the sunrise,When with but few hours of healthy sleep I was fully contented,Ah, how lonely do all things appear! My chamber, the court, andGarden, the beautiful field which spreads itself over the hillside;All appears but a desert to me: I still am unmarried!"Then his good mother answer'd his speech in a sensible manner"Son, your wish to be able to lead your bride to her chamber,Turning the night to the dearest and happiest half of your lifetime,Making your work by day more truly free and unfetter'd,Cannot be greater than that of your father and mother. We alwaysUrged you,--commanded, I even might say,--to choose some fair maiden.But I know full well, and my heart has told me alreadyIf the right hour arrives not, or if the right maiden appears notInstantly when they are sought for, man's choice is thrown in confusion,And he is driven by fear to seize what is counterfeit only.If I may tell you, my son, your choice already is taken,For your heart is smitten, and sensitive more than is usual.Answer me plainly, then, for my spirit already has told me:She whom now you have chosen is that poor emigrant maiden!"1sejj4  Yearning a sacrifice of love to bring.tWp2

qqYs  It was a voice to charm each sense:"Beware, for deep is yonder tide!"bggokok体育电竞开户

z05f2kok体育电竞开户d1g8kkok体育电竞开户aQfAd  1795.-----COURAGE.hbl28Cf  FROM "WILHELM MEISTER'S APPRENTICESHIP."PcBi

Ov  Devils, when we met them, vanish'd.Spirits felt love's pangs with pleasure,Where hell's torments used to dwell;E'en the hoary king of hellFelt sharp torments through him run.Shout for joy! the prize is won.B9Ekok体育电竞开户

bhxgpkok体育电竞开户iz7mukok体育电竞开户yE  Virtue in your pure cheek glows.Phoebus will attend our callAtSlvrKQ  Love will never far remain.But sharper and sharper the maiden to prove,The Discerner of all things below and above,Feigns pleasure, and horror, and maddening pain.unJwL

NEmq  Dragging wood, with rapture be it done,'Tis the seed of many an earthly sun;Plucking Pambeh, gladly may ye say:--This, as wick, the Holy will convey.nF6kok体育电竞开户

w19c2kok体育电竞开户gnnoukok体育电竞开户ynVC  How it pains me, alas, to know it!Who from the earth drives poetry far?6MNXjH  Alone I spy;For him aloneEV

KA5  Now no longerNt4kok体育电竞开户

eel9jkok体育电竞开户ddbkckok体育电竞开户MUeP  As though it ne'er were open, and as though,Vying with ev'ry star, no moments blest7140Puy  I will seize thee,jyQeL

Lk  When day was smiling and bright,I've watch'd my mistress climbingClWWEkok体育电竞开户

llj9skok体育电竞开户zhhwukok体育电竞开户BkO  ONCE a stranger youth to Corinth came,42STMqn3  TRIO.EtN7y

rm  [This battle was fought in the second year of the Hegira (A.A.623), between the followers of Mahomet, who numbered threehundred and thirteen, possessing two horses and seventy camels,and the 'idolaters,' or Meccans, whose forces amounted to ninehundred and fifty, including two hundred cavalry. The victoryremained with Mahomet, who lost fourteen men, while seventy ofthe enemy were slain. A great accession of strength ensued inconsequence to the Prophet, who pretended that miracles werewrought in his behalf in the battle, God having sent angels tofight on his side, and having also made his army to appear largerto the enemy than it really was.--See the Koran, chapter viii.,and ABULFEDA'S Life of Mahomet.]41kok体育电竞开户

2il1lkok体育电竞开户d8zrmkok体育电竞开户yRnZb  Sorrow o'er each joy now perish'd.Ah! who'll e'er the days restoreg450xuB  Though I can forget her ne'er,Yet my mind is free from care,O6Q

pmla  His late disaster heeds he;The moment that he bears the bell,Txxkok体育电竞开户

kvqvvkok体育电竞开户0yz19kok体育电竞开户PIshI  And with spirit's strength,oIBiZH  Of the blest boys,3dzY

TCff  And yet, alas! can reach her ne'er.JZDjkok体育电竞开户

1dlbckok体育电竞开户30kankok体育电竞开户xOCA  Soon the bliss of this sweet view,ATKM2K1s  And 'twas through her!--an inward sorrow lay4VIv

HXS  THE POET.discIkok体育电竞开户

43vgvkok体育电竞开户7jtw1kok体育电竞开户zzrrc  A DRAGON-FLY with beauteous wingIs hov'ring o'er a silv'ry spring;I watch its motions with delight,--Now dark its colours seem, now bright;Chameleon-like appear, now blue,Now red, and now of greenish hue.Would it would come still nearer me,That I its tints might better seePOVCE9fx3  The old man thus cries with a smile--"Take courage, my son! all hath turned out for good,1O2z

KQNI  Rigid and cautious the teachers to be!All of the wisest men e'er seen alivexRCkok体育电竞开户

66mnskok体育电竞开户8dhx5kok体育电竞开户DbmRs  Thus sings he in the winter-night,ok1LK3Xl  Thousand times her call renews.WyZy

y2oQ  No! no longer may we wait;Rouse him from his vision straight!Show the adamantine shield!o8jokok体育电竞开户

gp8rqkok体育电竞开户akhllkok体育电竞开户Jp  Beauty was constant, Wit was not.But Wit's a native of the soil,6Q2DdMt2  And hast a mind to-day to grieve me.Love as thy portion thou mayst claimWsV

wu  A bird of sweet tune.She tarries and hearkens,avkkok体育电竞开户

vffgmkok体育电竞开户0evj1kok体育电竞开户xQA  To fall upon a guiltless youth?For he who such a prize would win,jvXKzonk  On in quick succession going!Let us, let us haste to fly!z3i

eMNB  Angels could neverLink'd twofold natures move,ZCPkok体育电竞开户

mgyztkok体育电竞开户gxxnkkok体育电竞开户J6Dj  Of our untimely dead;From earth our gaze on highlp3ZOWog  Ariel's Song and Chorus of SpiritshQp4w

vmy  Rejoice before the mighty Lord,So that all creatures hear the sound:LTTkok体育电竞开户

suzqbkok体育电竞开户grmo2kok体育电竞开户n23N  And longer still waxes his beard;But the maiden so fair in his arms grows amain,BchWa  In the house was going now and comingUp and down the stairs, and doors were creakingBackwards now, now forwards,--footsteps clatter'dYet, as though it were a thing all-living,From my cherish'd hope I could not tear me.dpQsH

qArz  Men as man he'd fain perceive.And when he the town as a trav'ller hath seen,Observing the mighty, regarding the mean,He quits it, to go on his journey, at eve.DsGkok体育电竞开户

y983gkok体育电竞开户ktk63kok体育电竞开户hwUM  For of all thou takest heed.fNZC6l  Half timid next a Wolf doth creep,Cy

iK2wn  Thou'rt welcome, friend! but suffer me to roama3Ykok体育电竞开户

cj908kok体育电竞开户s7wglkok体育电竞开户mgTk9  By a wond'rous fate I'm forced to rove,While the blessings and the chaunting soundsKSnGKGs  Willingly I'd leave to theeThousand such nights, were one givenNot

Cuhf  A hundred thousand times!POkok体育电竞开户

7y5xfkok体育电竞开户73wkikok体育电竞开户qYUj  And the plain's verdant hue,UbmlIGRP  Ah, why suffer it to be?Z

YBOg  And when in airy German danceyokok体育电竞开户

p8hn1kok体育电竞开户nxlyukok体育电竞开户23lwD  If she haste the vale along,Pinions seem to flutter yonder,qR7shGaB  "I love thee, I'm charm'd by thy beauty, dear boy!And if thou'rt unwilling, then force I'll employ.""My father, my father, he seizes me fast,Full sorely the Erl-King has hurt me at last."EJx

w1l2  Mirrors itself in the lake.iRkok体育电竞开户

e13erkok体育电竞开户2xoo3kok体育电竞开户Whyh  But she casts them from her, void of dread,bvv9A2tAqV  SCENE THE LAST.eUI

iDVp  Fair in form, with painted face,--fdTOFkok体育电竞开户

zlrv8kok体育电竞开户xs2j2kok体育电竞开户mS  Alas! how changed!With cold demeanour.pnq7Nakq  In earnest, kind.Though roses and liliesg6Lu

3w2k  While gazing down below,Art standing vainly there?mv8fkok体育电竞开户

ay1ickok体育电竞开户tw04lkok体育电竞开户ezQM8  I view'd the countless skulls, so strangely mated,And of old times I thought, that now were grey.gdAQIv  Smile, nod, and join in the chorus with me:"Vain 'tis to wait till the dolt grows less silly!Play then the fool with the fool, willy-nilly,--SLOiD


k9cdekok体育电竞开户u518kkok体育电竞开户XqN  And free from grievous crime;Yet I am here a prisoner chain'd,MDADrrUa  My anger could not smother,So cried, "Get out, ye fools!"SMLKV

W7  Where single-hearted;By nought but deathless lovepJNlzkok体育电竞开户

uywcjkok体育电竞开户vz2n9kok体育电竞开户EjgVW  As ye come in majesty,--Men your blessing will entreat;--9An23N0  Heathrose fair and tender!"Said the rosebud, "I'll prick thee,So that thou'lt remember me,Jq6

X3F2  Except the yearning!-----BOOK V., CHAP. X.eVRgkok体育电竞开户

voymxkok体育电竞开户06jq0kok体育电竞开户78D  Where we in wrath first came,--The women, frightened then, of course,qtJJdTQ  Met to taste my dishes!Food in plenty is prepar'd,ukD7C

JA  Of thy band she'll be the friend and queen.cF0o9kok体育电竞开户

v10x4kok体育电竞开户4h0wgkok体育电竞开户42  SONG OF THE FATES.GLd8lBfp  And thy wretched form bestir;Thou hast ever served as groom,5zwW

ZtG9X  Then with solemn looks the magistrate answer'd as follows"Truly the present times resemble the strangest of old times,Which are preserved in the pages of history, sacred or common.He in these days who has lived to-day and yesterday only,Many a year has lived, events so crowd on each other.When I reflect back a little, a grey old age I could fancyOn my head to be lying, and yet my strength is still active.Yes, we people in truth may liken ourselves to those othersUnto whom in a fiery bush appear'd, in a solemnMoment, the Lord our God; in fire and clouds we behold him."C8Nkok体育电竞开户

bg5xjkok体育电竞开户fi97wkok体育电竞开户rfDI  =====fJnlQaJV  Envy-struckLinger o'er the cedar's strength,Which, to flourish,Waits him not.pru90

9Ham  The PariahEMxKkok体育电竞开户

8sbw5kok体育电竞开户yn184kok体育电竞开户CLtg  To the grave one day from a house they bore7zpkrcb  And the life-blood of his heart to drink;XEs

9R1A  SIR Wit, who is so much esteem'd,hiT3kok体育电竞开户

stvjgkok体育电竞开户peog0kok体育电竞开户AizU  Thou, who art from passions free,Wu1g3Ov5t  Syllables teeming with thought, by a fond pair are exchang'd.Then becomes whispering, talk,--and stamm'ring, a language enchanting;x3aD

tymH  And sit beside my door;When one of them is seen,ZMnkok体育电竞开户

vh7q5kok体育电竞开户gvdfskok体育电竞开户v1H  One miss'd we, and full sore;A true and tender couple came,--I8EgaKPje  Taking in return this lock of hair?3mj

t5FF  Or else they'll overhear thee!"EZa3kok体育电竞开户

0db20kok体育电竞开户7reypkok体育电竞开户mtbH  An aged fox near the place chanc'd to dwell,Talkative, clever, and learned as well;The boy his society used to prize,Hearing with pleasure his wonders and lies.KtpMtayj  "Now thy beauteous eyes are firmly closed,That, when open, form mine only rapture.And thy sweet lips are devoid of motion,Motionless for speaking or for kissing;Loosen'd are the soft and magic fettersOf thine arms, so wont to twine around me,And the hand, the ravishing companionOf thy sweet caresses, lies unmoving.Were my thoughts of thee but based on error,Were the love I bear thee self-deception,I must now have found it out, since AmorIs, without his bandage, placed beside me."y9W7

FgY  Ah, within her arms remember me!ttkok体育电竞开户

8h8tqkok体育电竞开户f9vufkok体育电竞开户lYCWZ  It seems as though she said: "As hours pass byx6KI9aIY  CONTENTS.O1y

ln  Noisome insectsHere are engender'd;Fatal darknessVeils their malice.CZBkok体育电竞开户

lfnivkok体育电竞开户ipgmukok体育电竞开户VJ80  Musing there I lay.IVT6CiC0h  1789.-----DIFFERENT EMOTIONS ON THE SAME SPOT.Ls5zH

PQI  The will of destiny must be fulfilid,--This knowing, I withdrew with sadden'd mind.mIL3kok体育电竞开户

zdy15kok体育电竞开户pymtnkok体育电竞开户6Trw  Bliss to sustain!uaq6USB7  Activity!What makes it long and spiritless?F07n

gtmB  His castle still rear'd its proud head,But servants and wealth had all fled.fzokok体育电竞开户

1rv0akok体育电竞开户c69xqkok体育电竞开户rtZ8  Sees armies in motion,See proud banners wavev69Jj8H  So modest 'tis, and fair,And smells so sweet; yet more I needXD

wNHd  Is perish'd.So take the woman so dear to thy breast!In her young and innocent charms be blest,vIkkok体育电竞开户

f8wshkok体育电竞开户i0wodkok体育电竞开户yPD  One true look at length to find,That its worth can rightly treasure.ZfdDLp3Q  Sweetly seem'd his eves to laughzuWZ

XMFY  To our riches will be the successor,QdGtkok体育电竞开户

heg55kok体育电竞开户bkun3kok体育电竞开户sXlB  Dost not thou, like me, feel passion's flame?"k9ADqa44  Not now for the first time I surrenderPUbL

UYkE  Sees He God's throne;We still must languish,jILYkok体育电竞开户

8flt6kok体育电竞开户lv2likok体育电竞开户SiW3p  And the nightingale replies.89M3sT  Soon is nature in the maid.WpX

BWJV  On yonder turret grey;And as the ship is sailing by,DOAyEkok体育电竞开户

jqh68kok体育电竞开户pezbskok体育电竞开户8  Scarce hast thou strength thy childish bars to scale,When thou dost rank thee 'mongst the deities,dkxPtvKWB  By his mild and cooling wing.q744

jD6P  To Thee we may9Imkok体育电竞开户

2ix8ekok体育电竞开户t9odnkok体育电竞开户Mpu  'Tis there, 'tis there,That I with thee, protector, would repair!AsYl5i  Where the Lord's remains they plac'd;By the arm, that from the portaljowEF

MqL4J  Or ne'er thought aright,Roams the bosom's labyrinth through,EgS2skok体育电竞开户

ibttukok体育电竞开户p5gigkok体育电竞开户Oeh  While round him fiery tempests play;He sees how they the Judge avoid,zRxNPCbb  To her chamber she hastens quickly,To reach the queen the page hies him fast,jlzM

igT  A blessing-fraught land,MBNIdkok体育电竞开户

prwwnkok体育电竞开户vbrkdkok体育电竞开户kR3  That to wed with the base-born is right;The beggar has borne me a beggarly crew,--"Z7yx2qQerR  Still remains open, my friend; years have not barr'd up its doors.I, the teacher, am ever young, and love all the youthful,oxcBL

OHkVD  No more by sorrow proved,Returns at length to me!RrJkok体育电竞开户

aclyakok体育电竞开户pha4lkok体育电竞开户QGnf  Many a lightly-hidden traceOf a spirit loved didst teach us.mDgkg  Happy aloneIs the soul that doth love!vwyY

qF0  Why doth my lay name thee the last?Thee, from whom it began,Thee, in whom it endeth,Thee, from whom it flows,Jupiter Pluvius!Tow'rd thee streams my song.And a Castalian springRuns as a fellow-brook,Runs to the idle ones,Mortal, happy ones,Apart from thee,Who cov'rest me around,Jupiter Pluvius!wXAfkok体育电竞开户

ndm7wkok体育电竞开户7mrdukok体育电竞开户4TVmk  (With ecstasy.)azuWRHvO  1815.*-----THE YELPERS.NEof

m7RX  As they went, extoll'd the fishes,Each one scoffing at his brother5q3Okok体育电竞开户

ytckfkok体育电竞开户q5h8gkok体育电竞开户vW  When I clasp mine arms around thee fondly,When I drink in love's long-hoarded balsamFrom thy darling lips so true, so faithful,Fill'd with bliss thus speak I to my spirit"No! a vessel such as this, save AmorNever god hath fashion'd or been lord of!Such a form was ne'er produced by VulcanWith his cunning, reason-gifted hammers!On the leaf-crown'd mountains may LyaeusBid his Fauns, the oldest and the wisest,Pass the choicest clusters through the winepress,And himself watch o'er the fermentation:Such a draught no toil can e'er procure him!"SpV6k3  O'er meadows she goes,And darker and darkerkJ1

oVZM  Dream of the treason in her breast?She bade kind Cupid stay awhile,Xdhq6kok体育电竞开户

k8iwxkok体育电竞开户jc4j7kok体育电竞开户V83HP  [Written just after the preceding one, on a mountain overlookingthe Lake of Zurich.]CDPjaW  His noble form,His mouth's sweet smile,3thCf


fxasukok体育电竞开户xp7etkok体育电竞开户WR2C  Removed from thee, friend-sever'd, in distress,esvplTp  Would wander;And if the choice remain'd with me,Would hasten back there presently.PBXr

B3kCX  1782.*-----JOHANNA SEBUS.4X2kok体育电竞开户

Tuw  If ye meekly, in each burning lamp,See the nobler light's resplendent stamp,Ne'er will Fate prevent you, void of feeling,At God's throne at morningtide from kneeling.WC0oXkok体育电竞开户

r3cuekok体育电竞开户ia9q8kok体育电竞开户Dx26  On table, on bench, and on stool;Then all who had joined in the festival gay2ln00MP3  Protecting you from ill.With courage fresh, then let us hasteMeWsb

z2VGP  Thou smilest, friend, with fitting thoughts inspired;By a dread parting was thy fame acquired,Thy mournful destiny we sorrow'd o'er,For weal and woe thou left'st us evermore,And then again the passions' wavering forceDrew us along in labyrinthine course;And we, consumed by constant misery,At length must part--and parting is to die!How moving is it, when the minstrel sings,To 'scape the death that separation brings!Oh grant, some god, to one who suffers so,To tell, half-guilty, his sad tale of woe6ERkok体育电竞开户

g17onkok体育电竞开户uxqo7kok体育电竞开户3vrRR  I hope in silence, but I hope for this:uTHtB9N  Coolness cerulean!hReF

TlO  As on the stars I might gaze, as I might gaze on the moon,Glad indeed at the sight, yet feeling within my calm bosombMNkok体育电竞开户

nuuockok体育电竞开户fbscgkok体育电竞开户HZZR  One that it must fill with pleasureg0EplbNH  Yet the strength of its natureTo Earth's exhausting avarice,To Air's destructive inroads,An antidote opposed.PVZ

PEa  Your blest fortune praise ye!Be each virtue of the mind9bFkok体育电竞开户

I  Thou hast'nest not to join the festal throng?No longer stay, but come with me,LURp

ClxZ  Remain my joy and bliss to tell!iVrkok体育电竞开户

bu9eekok体育电竞开户dned3kok体育电竞开户UlYxl  To her and from her shall go, heeding not time as it flies?Still do I mark the churches, palaces, ruins, and columns,Xq0F7q  And she draws me down below,As Endymion once drew thee.HEy9

cju9ykok体育电竞开户8tlp8kok体育电竞开户BHZW  By night-time and by day,--How god-like is the drunkennessHh3wA4JX  An ape I would be,Full of mischievous glee;If aught came to vex thee,I'd plague and perplex thee.An ape I would be,Full of mischievous gleeCU

u5vRJ  And boys at will the pathway close.RCskok体育电竞开户

cQAKP  Believe me, with great truth,Very faithfully yours,EDGAR A. BOWRING.London, April, 1853.4Xdkok体育电竞开户

i3s3hkok体育电竞开户v8jdbkok体育电竞开户uK7  Fauns are dancing around, while with the Bacchanal troopChequerd circles they trace; and the goat-footed, puffy-cheekd playerHOr0aKJS  Starting from his couch with eager haste:"Here are Ceres', Bacchus' gifts of joy;6DVS

1.NYI  Come, my sweet moon, cling thou round me!bpDekok体育电竞开户

2.zXP  "From the far east, let's trust, he'll come again!"Rq

3.pfvpkkok体育电竞开户zsx3wkok体育电竞开户5F7r  Then, before all things, the grace filling thy motions was seen.Oft have I fear'd that the pitcher perchance was in danger of falling,3ibHbPFu  But now she scorns my passion true.Ye were but written in the stream;4vl

4.r65b5kok体育电竞开户tap5qkok体育电竞开户0fjso  Warms her chilly blood,RFjaDGqS  1819.-----THE FOX AND HUNTSMAN.HEJ


rs60wkok体育电竞开户7g1tvkok体育电竞开户1Bjj  Let each merry minstrel enter,VAqIFNX  I look'd and saw a beauteous maidJR


Eu18  Yet no shady vale can stay him,Nor can flowers,Round his knees all-softly twiningWith their loving eyes detain him;To the plain his course he taketh,Serpent-winding,9Pkok体育电竞开户


e7E  The horn of the goat by one is seized fast,CrRTkok体育电竞开户


5CC4  Well-behaved, not haughty.These especially I ask'd,9vpZkok体育电竞开户


lXuEz  Where worms our friends consume,Beneath the turf so green,SYokok体育电竞开户

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